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Discussion in 'TV/Movies' started by Garfour, May 10, 2015.

  1. Garfour

    Garfour Lurker

    Here you can post the shows you are or have watched that you like.

    Game of thrones: A show i'm currently watching, everyone has probably heard of it. A fantasy world where 7 nations are combined under one throne, many different peope try to claim this throne, drama ensues.

    Black Sails: Remember that book "Treasure Island"? This is the prequel. Set during the Golden age of piracy. Plot is based around a crew that is trying to make money and the drama on the island they are based off.

    Vikings: This is show follows Ragnar Lothbrok, a viking, and tells his tale. Not much to say, it's a good watch.

    So what are your favorite shows?
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  2. Philou0217

    Philou0217 Confused

    Big fan of GoT here. Have also watched the first three seasons of The Walking Dead but kinda got bored after that. Other than those, I'm not a big fan of TV shows. I might be interested in Vikings as well at some point!
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  3. Koekiemonstr

    Koekiemonstr Nomnomnom Staff Member Moderator

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  4. Jackarl

    Jackarl Confused

    Firefly & Stargate SG-1. GoT is great too.
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  5. Tworan

    Tworan Lurker

    These are the active group :D
    Game of Thrones:
    The Flash:
    Constantine: (I hope someone will pick this one up)
    Doctor Who:
    Silicon Valley:
    Teen Wolf: (It sometimes feels like I'm to old for this, but I like wolves so yeah :oops:)

    The non active group, still watch a season 1 or 2 :D
    Dragon ball Z: ( excited for the new dbz episodes)
    Top Gear: ( Not going to watch this because the original presenters stopt presenting after one got fired)
    Heroes: (excited for new mini series)
    Community: ( stop watching after donald glover left)
    Shingeki no kyojin: (still waiting on new episodes)
    Sleepy Hollow:

    I have a lot of time :), looking for a job still :(
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  6. Koekiemonstr

    Koekiemonstr Nomnomnom Staff Member Moderator

    Don't worry, for a MTV show i think it's quite grown up, i like it too :p
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  7. ianf1982

    ianf1982 Lurker

    Game of Thrones is the only show I keep up with unless you include South Park, I mostly just watch Twitch & sports thesedays. I love quite a few older shows though, Scrubs is probably my favourite.
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