Looney Bin Overwatch Tournament 29th October

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    Looney Bin Overwatch Tournament 29th October


    Conflict is rising across the world again, and the call has gone out to Loonies old and new. Are you with us?

    We're proud to invite you to join us for a day of dropping the beat, putting the hammer down and raining justice from above. That's right it's almost time for the Looney Bin Overwatch Tournament! We're focused on entertainment and fun, don't worry about skill levels and rankings, we just want to have some laughs, see some carnage and watch crazy plays! We want to bring everyone together for a fun day and just like our other tournaments, everyone who participates gets sweet, sweet candy! So grab some friends and sign up!

    Here are the details regarding the Tournament:

    Date: Saturday 29th of October

    Time: 11am EST to 5pm EST (during normal stream hours)

    Game: Overwatch

    Format: 6v6

    Tournament Format: Single Match, Double Elimination Brackets.


    1st Place - 750 Candy and $20 Steam Gift card

    2nd Place - 400 Candy

    3rd & 4th Place - 200 Candy

    5th & 6th Place - 100 Candy

    To sign up, pop your details into our Tournament sign up form. A mod will send you a message on twitch to confirm your entry and let you know any more details you will need.

    Solo as well as team entries are allowed. If you want to enter on your own do not worry! We will be using Blizzard's own skill and ranking system and using it to cram Loonies into balanced teams so everyone can have a good time!

    If you enter as a team, picking 1 member as the Team Manager will allow everything to run smoothly by handling the invites and ready checks of your team.

    Sign Ups will close on the 27th of October to allow us to contact everyone and arrange the brackets and other tournament details. So don’t hesitate! Sign Up Now!


    The first round will start at 12pm EST, so we ask that all participants be present in the Discord #OverwatchTourney Group Chat at 11:00am EST. So we can start to organize and arrange games, ensure all participants are present, and give time for Lowco to do her intro.


    We ask every participant to ensure that their Battletag is set to be the same as their Twitch name for the duration of the tournament where possible.

    Further details for the tournament will be released after the sign ups have been closed and the tournament brackets have been drawn up.

    Lowco will be streaming the tournament and it is a community event, so usual channel rules apply!

    If a team or player fails to turn up, they will receive no candy. We will do our best to replace any no shows with alternates, but it is the responsibility of the team leader to ensure everyone on their team is available and present.

    If you have any questions regarding the tournament feel free to contact a mod or an officer in the Discord #OverwatchTourney channel or leave a reply to this thread.

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