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    Shhhh, this doesn't exist.
    If you are reading this, you aren't.
    It's all part of your imagination.
    Don't tell anyone, or they'll think you're crazy.

    Remember a decade ago when Adobe Flash Soundboards were all the rage?
    You would click poorly made Actionscript buttons and hear overly compressed sound clips from entertainment media.
    Well, prepare to relive the halcyon days of your misspent youth on the Internet.
    But updated for modern browsers.

    Clicking the image below takes you to a Lowco Soundboard made in HTML5 and Javascript (~4.4MB).

    Additionally: loudness warning. Just sayin'.
    The pre-loader works by counting how many sound files have completed downloading.
    If it looks like it's not moving, it means that all the files are downloading simultaneously.
    The percentage should jump as files report that they are finished loading.

    The soundboard is less a greatest hits of Lowco's common expressions and more of a collection of phrases selected by clicking randomly around VODs.

    Unfortunately, it only works in desktop browsers.
    Mobile and Tablet browsers handle clicks or "taps" in different, non-standard ways.
    Which is annoying.
    The Soundboard also forces .ogg format (which may not work in all browsers).
    Javascript does have built in file compatability checking to allow for different formats, but does it look like I know what I'm doing?

    In this age of MyInstants and such, why make a Soundboard?
    I don't know. I just wanted to see if I knew enough Javascript to do so.
    And apparently, I did. Apparently....
    At least enough to create playful, community-oriented novelty content.

    If that last thing doesn't exist, this thing sure as hell doesn't.
    It's still all in your imagination.

    Clicking the image below takes you to a Lowco Videoboard made in HTML5 and Javascript (~6.4MB).

    It's like a soundboard but with video -- pretty self-explanatory.
    Random, silent "Idle" clips play as visual filler whenever an audible "Phrase" clip isn't being played.
    For continuity, all of the clips are taken from a single day's cast.
    Otherwise, the shirts wouldn't match.
    Also, there might be some subtle commentary in the clip selections. Maybe. I don't know.

    My favorite part is that the clips aren't in chronological order, so you can click through the buttons and see the time of day change back and forth from light to dark.
    No, I lied. My favorite part is clicking the same button rapidly so the first two frames of a clip repeat, creating a flapping effect.
    No, I lied again. My favorite part is the fact that the buttons generate a Hermann Grid Illusion -- dark dots appear at intersections where you are not directly looking.
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    I've never laughed and cried so hard in my life.
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    We need access to these sound files somehow, for use as phone tones.
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    What Tofu said, it's really important for....stuff Kappa Awesome job :D
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    This is so funny, it's amazing! Good job :D

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