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Discussion in 'Game Trading' started by undeadsky, Apr 25, 2015.

  1. undeadsky

    undeadsky Lurker

    if you need Some let me Know my rate is 1 of my cards for 2 of yours the only One's that aint for Trade are tomb raider =)
    My Steam profile = Undeadsky you can find me in the Loony Group
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  2. Sadacchi

    Sadacchi Lurker

    Same here, actually. Though I'm not entirely attached to cards, so if you see me pop up on your list and I have one, it's yours. I play all sorts of games so I wouldn't be surprised if I have something someone needs.

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  3. CroakusMaximus

    CroakusMaximus Fresh Meat

    it's funny how people seem to always want you to give them 2 of your cards for one of theirs, but they only want to give up one of their cards for your card....
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  4. undeadsky

    undeadsky Lurker

    @Croakus I do 1 vs 1 to you just have to ask ^_^

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