Lowco September Stream Recap Slideshow

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    Yeah. I think that series of nouns in the title makes sense.

    Here is a recap of Lowco's streams for the month of September in slideshow form. (~2.6MB)
    It has a representative image (or two) from each day that Lowco streamed in September 2015.

    It starts out flipping through the images at a rate of 2 images per second.
    If you mouse over the bottom-center of the slideshow, controls pop-up to pause/play and flip through the images.
    You can also use Spacebar to pause/play and the left and right arrow keys to flip through the images.

    In the upper left is an info button you can click if you want more information about key events that occurred on stream on that date.

    Being entirely honest, this recap may have just been an excuse to make a slideshow of awkward freeze frames of Lowco.
    Maybe. I don't know. I'm operating on very little sleep right now. It's too subtle a distinction.
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    These are awesome, you are a comical genius. Thank you for being alive.
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    And I hadn't even read the descriptions yet. Possibly the best part.

    I will be rofling if anyone needs me.

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