Lowcos Game: Lowco - The Darkness Beginns

Discussion in 'Graphics and Art' started by Ilkii, Jul 27, 2015.

  1. Ilkii

    Ilkii Lurker

    Hey Guys,

    here are my first RPG Game for Lowco:


    Its a Short Game (i think 15-30 Min)

    the game has a lot of Bugs, events are reapeting, is unbalanced, and a very bad
    englisch translation.

    Dont forget to Save often, the next enemie can be to stronge.

    In this Game is Lowco a very bad girl and try to Destroy the World
    You must Kill Lowco but before you can Kill Lowco you must Kill the Mods^^

    Key: Left, Right, Up, Down, Esc: Back, MenĂ¼: c,v,b
    F4,F5,F6 window mode and Size of the Game

    I hope you Enjoy the Game^^


    Lowco.rar and unpack the Game (You need Winrar to Unpack the Game)
    Start RPG_RT.exe
  2. Philou0217

    Philou0217 Confused

    We haven't done anything bad! We are slaves of Lowco! :D D:
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  3. AndreBauscher

    AndreBauscher Confused

    K-k-k-kill the mods? BibleThump
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  4. Ilkii

    Ilkii Lurker

    Yes thats so sad :( Lowco used her mods to Safe herself :(

    Fredom to the Mods Lowco Pls, let them go

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