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    Technically, they're called Single-Image Stereograms, and Magic Eye is a brand of book.
    Even more technically, they're called Random Dot Autostereograms: 2D images that create a 3D visual illusion when viewed in a particular way.
    Less technically, they're those pictures of squiggly patterns that show a floating image when you unfocus your eyes.

    Presented here are squiggly pattern pictures (autostereograms) of twelve Lowco2525 sub emotes, like lowcoPls or lowcoHype.
    They are "interpretations" of the emotes because I'm rusty at 3D modeling.
    It just makes a more interesting guessing game.
    "What am I looking at? Is that a monkey?" (Very specific reference)

    Actual, serious medical warning: if you experience headaches, eye strain, or eye fatigue, discontinue viewing
    these images immediately as they may temporarily aggravate existing medical conditions.

    For people who want to screw with their eyes or enjoy staring at television static:
    Clicking this thumbnail takes you to the full Imgur album

    It is probably best to view these images at full resolution as having them fill your field of view helps with the stereo effect.

    How to get the stereo effect to appear:
    Random Dot Autostereograms work on binocular disparity, meaning looking at stuff all weird to trick your depth perception.
    Specifically, one must look at the image with "wall-eyed convergence," meaning the sight lines of both eyes meet at the same point past the image.
    To get a feel for this far-lookin', hold your finger in front of your eyes and look at an object behind it.
    You should see two, fuzzy images of your finger in the foreground. This fuzziness is the intended convergence.
    Try to replicate this sensation with the image on your computer monitor -- focus beyond your monitor.

    Consistently failing to view the embedded stereo effect (or seeing jumbled images) may indicate undiagnosed lazy eye, color-blindness, near-sightedness, or astigmatism.
    Have fun with that, you hypochondriac.

    If you can't get the effect to work (or don't want to), here are the depth maps for the stereograms.
    For people who don't want to screw with their eyes:
    Clicking this thumbnail brings you to the full Imgur album

    By way of explanation, there are no stereograms of lowcoF1, lowcoBlush, or lowcoCry because
    details don't show up well in an autostereogram.
    The 3D illusion is generated by constrast overlaid on a pattern. Edges work well while fine details do not.
    So, faces don't work well -- capillary dilation and tears, which are flat against the face, even less so.

    Or I'm lazy. Whichever fits better into your world view.
    Here's the depth map for an attempted lowcoF1 stereogram (from before I attempted modeling the face).

    Also, here is a bonus stereogram about Lurkers in chat.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Doesn't work for me. :'(
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    Cannot get it work aswell :(

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