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    So probably all of you know that you can easily grab screenshots in Steam, but what you might not know, is that you get heavily compressed JPG's.

    Fortunately, you can get uncompressed PNG images, here's how:

    Go to your settings and choose In-Game
    Check Save an uncompressed copy
    Set a folder where you want them saved.
    And that's it, it's that simple!


    But why should you do it you ask?
    Well, here comes some comparison images!

    Standard JPG screenshot - 806kb (click for full size)

    Uncompressed PNG screenshot - 4.81mb (click for full size)

    Can't see any difference between the two? Well let's zoom in on the bottom left corner to see what the compression actually does!

    Here's the uncompressed image zoomed in

    And here's the compressed image zoomed in. The middle of the thick blade of grass really shows what the JPG compression does to your images!
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